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If you’ve been fortunate enough to take your canine pet for its regular veterinary check-up with a canine breed specialist, you might have heard a few things being said about the use of chicken in the dog’s diet. The advice has been that, just to be on the safe side, it’s best to exclude chicken altogether. But it’s still quite possible to source the best grain free dog food with some chicken content if it’s a known fact that your dog has a (truly) healthy preference for chicken, and for that matter, potatoes.

Nevertheless, it’s always going to be a good idea for you to check with your vet before you include real chicken in your new puppy’s healthy dog food diet. You will need to establish whether this young pup may be particularly allergic to chicken protein at this time. That may be hard to do, given the dog’s young age. Even so, if the healthy facts can be established, then some chicken content is good to go, especially if your dog has developed a healthy liking to this form of protein.

But not too much, mind you. Especially when you consider just how quickly a small, hungry dog will want to guzzle down his food. When have you seen a dog take its time over something that it well and truly likes, unless of course, you happen to be talking about a juicy, meaty left-over bone? Now, with a healthy grain free dog food, you have the chance to give your dog the perfect balance of essential ingredients.

Nearly forty percent of this balance is going to be made up of essential protein. And if it’s a healthy recommended dry food source, then only a modicum of chicken content will be included, not nearly enough for your dog to show the unpleasant symptoms of allergic reactions. Here, a runny tummy is the thing to look out for. Finally, because of its voracious appetite, you’ll want to give your dog small kibbles, especially if it’s a young pup or small canine breed.

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And that’s about as far as we are going to go here. Enjoy your shopping.