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Becoming YouTube famous is a dream many aspire to, but few can manage. It involves extensive work taking and editing videos, regular activity on social media, valuable content, and plenty of interaction with the audience.

And that’s not even all of the work that goes into it.

Fortunately, there is always the option to buy YouTube views. It appeals to the psychology that people want to watch what everyone else is watching, and that includes the YouTube videos with plenty of likes. It’s a mark of value; suddenly your content is entertaining, engaging and informational.

But just what are the benefits of buying views?

Retention Rates

Retention rates, the number that tells you how many of your viewers turn into loyal subscribers, tend to spike when you pay for views. This is simply because no one wants to watch a video with very little traction. You seem new to the medium, which means your videos probably aren’t as polished as those videos with 45 million views on the platform.

Because you’re constantly being compared, you want to show up in searches as someone with more viewership, and therefore, more authority. The better you look, the higher the chances of people subscribing to your channel and watching your upcoming content as well.


Purchasing views takes all of 45 seconds to a minute. You simply add in your URL, select how many likes you want, and pay.

After that comes the waiting game. It can take a few minutes, or hours, but eventually the views start ticking. Waiting for all the views you paid for to roll in is the hardest part of the entire process.

And even that beats having to wait months for your numbers to increase with organic account growth. YouTubers who opt out of paying for views have to keep posting and using social media as a means of gaining traction. Needless to say, it doesn’t always work well.

buy YouTube views

Goes to Waste

Consider the YouTubers who want to use organic growth. They post and post content only for a handful of likes, starting out. Even if the content is good, it won’t skyrocket to fame naturally on a new account.

That means all those valuable videos go to waste. Barely anyone watches them.

By purchasing views, you ensure nothing gets lost in the growth process. No video is forgotten. Instead, every post has the potential to grow your channel.

vs. Quantity

Obviously, it’s easy to let quality content slip when likes are guaranteed regardless. But there are still benefits to providing value.

The better your content is, the more likely it is to get organic views anyway. It may take a while, but with the aid of paid views, an audience could grow in weeks rather than months.

More so, you want an account that will sustain long-term success. It’s easy to get likes and then be forgotten. Quality is what keeps you on top.